Coronavirus: weekly funding updates - 22-27 June

As we receive updates from our research team in Liverpool, we'll post weekly updates to coronavirus funding programmes and more to help you (remember - don't forget to share!)

No time to read 50-page government policy documents? Don’t worry – we’ve done it so you don’t have to. Check out our short summary of the UK Government’s Our Plan to Rebuild policy paper on ending the social lockdown – wherein we summarise the key points, outline current timings, and raise issues for charity staff and trustees to consider (which, let’s face it, you won’t get in the version). View our summary here.

Friday 26 June

Seafarers Hospital Society

The Seafarers Hospital Society has established a dedicated fund alongside its existing grant programme for seafarers facing financial hardship as a result of Covid-19. The Society continues to offer grants to working or former merchant sailors which can be used to cover the costs of many essential goods, from disability aids to clothing to bills. Each case is assessed individually and as quickly as possible to ensure seafarers receive the support they need. The Nautilus Covid-19 hardship fund is for Nautilus members who may be struggling to buy food and other essential items as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Applicants can apply for a special fast-tracked hardship grant while they are waiting for their first benefit payment. To find out how to apply, see the relevant page on the website here.
The Seafarers Hospital Society is also offering other forms of support to seafarers as well as financial aid. Seafarers can access free citizens advice, mental health support, and physiotherapy through the Society. For more details, see here.

Thursday 25 June

The Pastoral Care Trust St Nicholas Care Fund

The St Nicholas Care Fund makes grants for social welfare in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. During the current coronavirus pandemic, the Fund has removed deadlines for applications and is operating a rolling programme of grant giving. It welcomes applications at any time from any small organisations within the Fund’s area of operation which works with disadvantaged communities. Applicants are asked to note that the charity doesn’t fund core costs and any application should focus on how a grant from the Fund will provide additionality to existing services. For more information on eligibility, guidelines and the application form to apply, see here. Completed application forms should be returned to [email protected].

Wednesday 24 June

Quartet Community Foundation

The Quartet Community Foundation has opened a new Coronavirus funding programme, this time a recovery rather than a response fund. The Coronavirus Recovery and Stabilisation fund is now open to voluntary and community organisations working with disadvantaged communities in the West of England. There is no closing date for this fund and the maximum grant that can be applied for is £10,000. Grants can be used to cover core costs as well as adapting to the Coronavirus restrictions, but must only be used to cover costs for a period of up to 12 months. More information about eligibility and applying can be found on their website.


Racing Welfare

In the light of the current pandemic, Racing Welfare has introduced a streamlined application process for COVID-19 Hardship Grants for anyone working in the British horseracing and breeding industry who is in immediate need of financial assistance due to the outbreak. The money will come from an industry fund established by The Racing Foundation, The John Pearce Foundation and other racing charities, and will be administered by Racing Welfare in view of its grantmaking expertise. Payments are intended to cover immediate basic needs, such as food, electricity and heating, and are calculated into fortnightly amounts of £150 for single applicants and £210 for families. Find out more here.

Tuesday 23 June

Wales and West Utilities Limited 

The Safe and Warm Fund Wales and West Utilities Ltd (WWU) has set up a pot of £50,000 to support community organisations and help vulnerable community members in meeting their needs to keep safe and warm during the COVID-19 pandemic. Eligible applicants can apply for grants of between £500 and £5,000 to support their activities. The project for which funding is being sought must take place within Wales and/ or the South West of England, in WWU’s area of operation, but the applying body can be based elsewhere. The grant can be used, for example, for volunteer and staff costs; energy efficiency and safety advice and measures; looking after and/ or safeguarding the vulnerable; or protective garments and equipment.

The Fund closes on 6 July. Eligibility and further details on making an application can be found in the terms and conditions here. The application form can be found here; and for queries or help with applications, email [email protected].

Petplan Charitable Trust

Petplan Charitable Trust, in partnership with World Horse Welfare and the National Equine Welfare Council, has created a Covid-19 Equine Rescues Emergency Fund for smaller UK equine welfare organisations with an annual turnover of less than £500,000. Organisations for whom the rescue and rehoming of equines is the primary focus are eligible to apply for grants of up to £5,000, with Petplan expecting the average grant to be around £2,500. The fund is to make up for the loss of income experienced by animal welfare and rehoming charities as their funding and income sources have dried up as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and ensuing lockdown.

Round 2 of funding is currently open and the deadline for applications is 24 July, with successful applicants being informed a week after the deadline.

Monday 22 June

Ecclesiastical Movement for Good awards

Ecclesiastical are offering a grant of £50,000 to 10 charities who have an annual income of under £5 million to support a project that will support the education, community development, or arts, heritage or culture of their area and beneficiaries. The grants cannot be used to cover core costs but can cover either new or existing projects that need extra support. The grants form part of Ecclesiastical’s Movement for Good awards that have already seen 500 charities be awarded a grant of £1,000.

The application process is currently open and will close on Friday 24 July 2020, you can apply online here.


Motor Neurone Disease Association

The Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association have opened a new grant scheme to support people living with MND while they have to stay home during the Coronavirus pandemic. The Coronavirus Emergency Grant is a one-off grant of up to the value of £250 and can be used to cover additional living costs incurred as the result of lockdown, such as food shopping or bills. The Association will also consider claims for costs of equipment before they are purchased.

An application form should be downloaded from their website to be filled it by applicants. This grant scheme is being reviewed at the end of June so applicants should apply soon.



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