Get your charity up and running

The London Marathon is a wonderful annual reminder not just how unfit most of us are, but also of the energy and enthusiasm in the combination of sport and fundraising

It is heart-warming and inspiring to hear the stories of the runners pounding the streets of London to raise money for good causes – people who aren’t elite athletes, but have real passion and determination to go the extra mile (or 26) for their cause.

Runners may be raising money for a charity that has helped them or a family member in the past, a cause that particularly inspires them, or just for the excuse to wear a giant dog costume. It might even inspire us to dig out our own trainers!

The London Marathon Charitable Trust

As well as the many individual fundraisers running the marathon, did you know that the surplus income from the marathon is also distributed to charities and communities? The London Marathon Charitable Trust uses the proceeds of the London Marathon and other events to make grants to organisations that support and inspire people to get into sport and physical activity for the first time.

Sport charities

There are thousands more grant-makers like this out there – including many set up by famous sports people, such as footballers, athletes, cricketers and tennis players. Our best-selling subscription website, Trustfunding, is there to help you to identify the grant-makers that could support your charity, whatever your cause, location or group of beneficiaries.

So if you’re running the London marathon – good luck!

Those of us who aren’t quite marathon-fit yet will be cheering you on from our living rooms. Let’s celebrate the thousands of individuals prepared to go the distance for a good cause, as well as the many grant-makers keen to get your charity up and running.