How can we help?

One of the best things about DSC (if we say so ourselves!), is the combination of our range of support, with the range of different ways we can deliver it.

Because we’re experts in governance, leadership, organisational management, fundraising, funding, and more, and are able to deliver support via online or in-person training, online or in-person events, print or digital publications, research reports and more, we’re bound to be able to find the best package of support for you and your grantees.

We can do anything from a really simple bulk order and distribution of our best-selling governance publication It’s a Battle on the Board to help boost the governance of everyone you fund, to more complex and ongoing programmes of support tailored to their exact needs.

The best thing is, by helping them as a collective, the cost of us delivering can be as much as 80% less than if they were to come to us individually and purchase a book or come on a public course.

Some of the ways we’ve already helped funders to support the organisations they fund include:

Multi-license subscriptions to Funds Online

Funds Online is our flagship funding database, a slick, quick and easy to use database of over 8,000 funders giving over £8 billion a year. Users can perform and save searches, save trusts to their dashboard, and even log and track their applications. A single-user subscription for this premium service is £425+VAT per year, but by subscribing to a multi-user subscription on behalf of your grantees (all managed and administered by us), the per-user cost could be as low as £20.

Bulk purchasing publications

Our huge range of well-renowned publications are easy to buy in bulk, and depending on the title and number required can be purchased for up to 60% less than the retail price for an individual copy. We can distribute print copies directly to your grantees, and manage the online distribution of digital copies just as easily. Want to boost their fundraising skills by sending them all copies of our Complete Fundraising Handbook, or improve their governance with It’s a Battle on the Board? Click here to see how we’ve helped other funders to do just that.

Training courses and events

Want to make it easy for your beneficiaries to access high quality training and events that will make them more effective while you cover the cost? We can manage the whole process, giving them an access code to either reduce or eliminate the course fee, and invoice you afterwards. Click here to see how we’ve helped other funders to do just that.

Bespoke training

Any of our amazing training courses can also be adapted for delivery to your grantees. Whether you want to offer all new grantees training on measuring impact effectively or project management skills, or boost their effectiveness with our Building a Successful Organisation course, we can run any of our existing courses just for them – either all together or in groups over the course of their funding.  Running our courses in this way can save up to 80% of the usual per-person delegate fee!

Bespoke support

If you want to provide more tailored support, we’d love to talk about how we could help. With our existing menu of over 200 different courses, publications and other services, plus our amazing inhouse training and research teams and network of associate trainers and experts, there’s not much we can’t do.  Want your grantees to get project management and impact training at the start of their grant, provide governance support to their board and coaching for their leadership team throughout, and work with them to produce a robust impact assessment at the end? Then bring all of them together for a facilitated learning session that we follow up with a detailed programme assessment for your own review purposes? No problem, we can do that and more!

To talk to one of the team about how we can help with any of the above, just contact us at [email protected] or on 020 4526 5995.