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How to fundraise and find grants for individuals in need

Organisations working with individuals in need are feeling the pressure as welfare cuts continue to push an increasing amount of people into poverty

We have seen how grant-makers have adapted their policies and practices in order to meet the changes in the benefits’ system and the consequential increase in demand from their beneficiaries. Find out more about fundraising options and specific grants for individuals in need.

An example of grants for individuals

The extensive network of food-banks provides emergency food supplies across the UK – a stark indicator of the increasing amount of individuals in need. According to The Trussell Trust (2016) recent years have seen a soar in the need for food-banks and in 2014-15, over one million people were fed nationwide.

The helping hand for individuals

The Institute for Fiscal Studies and the Resolution Foundation have both warned that poverty levels could rise substantially over the next five years (Parliament UK 2015).

With time and resources becoming increasingly limited it is essential that charity trustees, their staff and volunteers are aware of the resources available to support them.

The good news: there is support available!

DSC’s subscription website details over 3,500 grant-makers operating locally and nationally for welfare and educational causes. It is the ideal resource for organisations working with individuals in need. has a search facility that identifies grants for individuals specific to their need, porviding information on how much grant-makers are likely to give, any exclusions they may have and how to apply.

What type of grants are available?

The website is an incredible time saver and cuts the time wasted trawling online. The variety of grants available covers a range of causes from educational aid for fees, school uniforms, books, outings, to aid for hardship including food vouchers, provision of household items and so on.

We hope you are successful when using the website and in acquiring support for your beneficiaries.