Manifesto Mashup!

3 UK wide parties with significant representation. 3 manifestos between 70-80 pages. Sounds a little daunting? We've condensed lots of the key points that affect charities to help you out!

As the General Election approaches the final stretch, we’ve sifted through the manifestos of the main UK-wide parties with significant representation in Westminster – Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat – to see what they say about charities, social enterprises and community groups.

The result is our Manifesto Mashup aka your need-to-know: 11 categories including Brexit, mental health, and the environment; and at a glance, colour coded information.

Download the document here.

Got any questions about the General Election?

We’re holding a live Q&A discussion to discuss the results of the election. Tweet us your questions using the hashtag #DSCAnswers and tune in to our Facebook page on Tuesday 13 June to hear us talk about it.

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