In the news last week...05 February

Take a look at all the charity sector headlines from the last week

Our Researcher Mairéad Bailie surmises the biggest headlines from last week.

Acevo’s Pay and Equalities survey 2018

This year’s survey by the umbrella body for charity chief executives showed:

  • only 3 per cent reported being from an ‘other ethnic background’
  • the average pay among male participants was 3.8 per cent higher than their female counterparts
  • the median annual pay for all who took part in the study remained at £50,000 for the second year – down by £10,000 from 2013.

The data was produced from the contributions from 540 charity sector chief executives which responded to the survey in late 2017  – Read the full article here.

Charity leaders at risk of disqualification can now apply for waivers

The Charity Commission has opened a new waiver system for people who are at risk of being disqualified under the regulator’s upcoming rule changes for people holding senior positions at a charity. The new rules, which come in on 1st August, will mean more people with criminal records for sex offences, terrorism and money laundering will be barred from senior roles, and people who are barred from trusteeship will also be disqualified from senior staff posts.

The Commission has started accepting applications for people who might be affected by the changes but wish to remain as a trustee or other senior position at a charity – they encourage those individuals to ‘apply, ideally by 1st June 2018, to get a decision in good time’.