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Take a look at the biggest charity sector headlines from the last week

Average gender pay gap among charities is around 8%

Research by David Kane, a former senior research officer at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, found that the mean and median gender hourly pay gap among charities was about 8% in favour of men. The analysis of his research focused on information from 568 charities. The results showed a significantly lower pay gap than the private and public sectors, which had reported average pay gaps of 15% and 13% respectively.

The NCVO has called on all charities to consider publishing their gender pay gap data even if they are not already obliged to do so by the government.

Concern about the amount of National Lottery profits going to good causes

A recent report by the public accounts committee has shown a fall in lottery sales and warns that the organisations responsible for distributing good-causes funds might not be able to fulfil their funding commitments. The report found that this may be due to people choosing to buy scratchcards, and fewer people are participating in the live draw events, which bring higher returns for good causes. The report also highlights that people are less aware that the National Lottery raises funds for good causes than they were in previous years