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In the news last week...21 August

Take a look at all the charity sector headlines from the last week

Rachel Cain, our Senior Researcher, breaks down the headlines from last week.

A survey on GDPR…

A survey conducted by nfpSynergy found that only 16% of respondents said they would opt in to be asked to donate to future appeals from a charity, while 47% who would opt to hear what the charity did with the money they donated. The research was aiming to test out public opinion around the consequences of GDPR (upcoming data protection regulation).

… and the ICO aims to bust some myths

On the topic of GDPR, the Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, has begun a series of blog posts on the ICO’s website aiming to bust some myths around the new legislation.

Direct marketing from charities

Research by the Direct Marketing Association has found that marketing emails from charities are least likely to be opened, compared with any other sector. However, it also found that the charity sector had the highest rates of delivery to actual recipients, suggesting that the sector is ahead in terms of maintaining up-to-date mailing lists and clean data.

And just in case you missed it…

Ten years on from when the money was taken to pay for the London 2012 Olympics infrastructure, DSC’s Big Lottery Refund campaign has called on the government to refund the £425m owed to charities.