In the news last week...23 October

Take a look at all the charity sector headlines from the last week

Electoral Commission response to joint letter on Lobbying Act

NCVO, Acevo and Bond wrote to the Electoral Commission asking for an explanation of its opposition to the changes to the Lobbying Act recommended by Lord Hodgson. Replying to the letter, the chief executive of Electoral Commission expressed disappointment in the tone of communication, and said that they hoped to work together to promote understanding of the rules. Although the Electoral Commission agreed with many of the Hodgson recommendations, they did not agree with one of the main points, which would mean that only activity demonstrably aiming to influence voters (rather than just ‘reasonably regarded’ to), should be regulated.

Changes to Code of Fundraising Practice

The Fundraising Regulator has made changes to the Code of Fundraising Practice, relating to the section on static collection boxes, focusing on data protection and the personal contact details collected by volunteers.

Phishing warning from Charity Commission

The Commission has warned charities to be wary of a rise in phishing scams, which could threaten security around data or funds, and encouraging charities to take preventative action.