Inside The Board Secretary's Handbook

Kirsty Semple, author of The Board Secretary's Handbook, talks about her new book and cherry-picks top tips from inside, for anyone in a position of responsibility as a board secretary or equivalent.

The Board Secretary’s Handbook is a valuable reading for trustees and CEOs – in fact, anyone who is on or who reports to the board. It covers everything from the basics to the processes and is packed with useful checklists and real life examples to get you up to speed.

Author, Kirsty Semple, talks about what’s inside in the short video below.

More about The Board Secretary’s Handbook

This handbook tells you what a board secretary is and why you need one. It explains the roles, duties and responsibilities depending on your organisation. It tells you everything you need to know about:

  • Core skills and requirements of a board secretary
  • Regulation, records and registers for all types of organisations
  • Governance issues and roles in the wider sector
  • Useful tips on the process of meetings, decision-making and resolutions

Thorough on the law but practical on the application and with an invaluable series of checklists and examples, with this book your job suddenly got that much easier.

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