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Top 5 tips to maximise your website traffic

Turn your traffic light green with these useful tips to improve your website's performance.

User traffic won’t direct itself, even to the best-looking websites out there. Bring your audience to you with these top five strategic tips designed to make your website known.

Web speed and performance

The first thing to consider is your web speed and performance optimisation. The time it takes to load your website is important for your web positioning, your customer’s user experience and much more. Web performance optimisation (WPO) should be one of your top priorities because there is a lot of online competition and if your website takes long to load, your bounce rate will increase. One of the key tools you should be using now is Google PageSpeed Insights. This tool analyses the content of your website and gives you suggestions to make your website faster.

Long Tail

Long tail keywords is another SEO technique of targeting really specific niche search terms that normally are more than two words which are much easier to rank due to low competition. Working on this technique will help you to get quality users and will increase your conversion rate.

maximise your website traffic


Another aspect to consider for getting higher SEO rankings is interlinking. This simple and one of the best SEO practices consists of adding hyperlinks to your website’s pages to other articles or pages on your site which are related to the current page. This practice helps Google to crawl and understand your website in a better way, and helps you to increase the number of page views per user, ranking for your specific keywords, and reducing your website’s bounce rate.

Google Search Console

Having knowledge about where your website appears or what queries have directed traffic towards it are some of the reasons to use Google Search Console. This key tool helps you monitor and maintain your website presence in Google search results. It helps you to understand how Google views your website and optimise its performance to improve your web positioning.

Google Analytics

And to analyse if all your activities are working, the tool you should be using by now is Google Analytics. This tool helps you to better understand our website and your audience. You can obtain different information on your audience, acquisition, behaviour and conversion with data range reports or real-time analysis giving you an insight into the audience currently on your website.

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