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Blockchain is irrelevant to charities, right? Wrong!

Blockchain. Not just for techies.

While the word Blockchain sounds like tech-jargon that the charity sector can safely ignore, it turns out it’s becoming ever more relevant to charities and opening up a world of possibilities. Take fundraising – Blockchain has the potential to encourage best practice and account for the movement of all funds from donor to intended recipient.

In this short video Matt Haworth, Co-founder of Reason Digital, explains a complex concept in very simple terms. You can learn more about how Blockchain may be integrated into charity operations in the near future at the Charity Digital Conference 2018.  

The Charity Digital Conference will help you ensure your charity doesn’t get left behind

The Conference will prepare you to overcome the challenges of digital transformation and embrace the opportunities that digital has to offer.

Sessions include:

  • Charity digital transformation tools and techniques
  • How charities can deliver digital products and services
  • Decentralising digital: building a digital culture in your charity
  • Funding charity digital
  • Digital marketing tips and tricks