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Grants for Good Campaign

Join the campaign to promote government grants for charities and voluntary groups


What’s the problem?

Grant funding from government is essential for communities to thrive, putting people at the heart of everything. It empowers charities and voluntary groups to identify and solve problems, and address needs in a way which is centred around people. Over the last decade, however, this vital resource has been rapidly disappearing, replaced by more restrictive and inflexible contracts. Grants from the public sector now make up only 5.5% of charity sector income, a decline of over 60% since 2004 (NCVO, Civil Society Almanac 2015). At the current rate of decline, grants could all but disappear by 2020.

What needs to happen?

Our aim is to reverse this trend. We know we are up against the tide of current policy and austerity cuts, but believe the time is right to make the arguments in favour of grants afresh. We maintain that grants have many advantages and can deliver better outcomes for people and communities – especially when supporting smaller charities and community groups. Follow the links in the image below to read about the many advantages of grant funding.

How can we make it happen?

Our broad strategy is to mobilise a movement in the voluntary and community sector in favour of grant funding, which can begin to influence commissioners and politicians. We want to attract and involve people who understand the issues, or are keen to, and are willing to try and influence change.

How can I help?

There are lots of ways. Find out how you can get Involved


Actual grant funding (£billions) from government 2000-2014 (NCVO, Civil Society Almanac 2016) and projected grant funding 2014 – 2020