Campaign Against Charging Charities

The Chairman of the Charity Commission, William Shawcross, has announced his intention to start charging fees to charities in order to raise the funds it needs to regulate the sector. In the last five years the Commission has seen its budget slashed from £40m to around £21m and further cuts could well be on the horizon. A well resourced Charity Commission is vital for the work of charities, but we believe that diverting charitable resources to fund the regulator is wrong, on many levels.

In August we asked you what you thought of the idea and you came up with no fewer than nine arguments against it which you can find here. We sent these to William Shawcross however he is still of the view that he “can see no reason why charities should not pay for regulation” as he announced at the Commission’s annual public meeting.

Do you think the idea is as unacceptable as we do? Join our campaign and tell us what you think

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You can start the fight by downloading this letter and sending it straight to the Commission letting them know what you think. Feel free to adapt it as you like.

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