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How can the finance team influence organisational culture?

Build people's confidence

Getting the right culture is key to performance. How can a finance team help define and achieve an organisation’s culture? Judith Miller, partner, Sayer Vincent shares her thoughts ahead of her session on culture and finance at this year’s Charity Accountants’ Conference:

As a finance team, make yourself accessible to people

The challenge with finance is that for many people it is not their strongest skill, so if people have a question about their budget you can be there to demystify it for them.

Build people’s confidence

If you are able to support someone in understanding how to manage a budget and let them know they can do it they will more likely to handle it better in the future. Also, make sure they know it’s OK to ask a so-called ‘silly question.’

Don’t just fix things

For instance it is easy to fix coding errors on invoices, however it is better to support the person in understanding what the right code is and why it is important so that they can get it right next time.

Learn more about culture and finance at this year’s Charity Accountants’ Conference