DSC staff getting face-to-face

We're getting together face-to-face, at last! Here's how we're doing it with useful tips on how you can implement in-person meetings for your organisation.

If there are two things we love at DSC, it’s spending time with our awesome colleagues, and policies and procedures – although we never thought we’d be connecting the two in quite the way we have recently.

Policies and procedures are a core part of our culture at DSC, all serving to make things fair and equitable for everyone, and make it as easy as possible for us to get the basics right so that we can focus our time, energy and skills on the more complicated things we need to deal with.

So as we enter the latest phase of our post-lockdown plan and start meeting up in person again (while still mainly working remotely), we set about producing a clear set of guidelines for staff that acknowledged the range of feelings and concerns that we all have about getting back together, and provided a framework we could all work safely within.

In the absence of any government guidance or regulations, we’ve consulted with staff, and worked through a few drafts to get something that we think will work. It’s necessarily loose in some ways, giving flexibility for some types of meetings or get-togethers, and like many of our other policies, based on a starting point of everyone having each other’s best interests in mind – in keeping with our organisational values of Empathy and Excellence.

As with all of our policies, we’ll see how it works in practice and make any changes we need to as we go, but for now we just can’t wait to get back together and see entire colleagues, rather than just their Zoom heads!

Click here to download DSC’s Face-to-face Meetings Policy

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