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Five top tips for legacy fundraising

Dr. Claire Routley, co-editor of 'Legacy and In-memory Fundraising' shares her five top tips for legacy fundraising in this short video.

Legacy and In-memory Fundraising brings together 24 of the charity sector’s biggest thinkers and most experienced fundraisers to offer you sound, practical advice.

  • Legacy data analysis
  • Digital communications and media
  • New in-memory giving strategies
  • Legacy administration systems

“Gifts in wills have the potential to change the world. Engaging your supporters and the wider public in legacy conversations has never been more crucial or more exciting. This book is a great starting point to help fundraisers shape their legacy strategy, influence internally and understand the variety of ways in which they can raise awareness and inspire people to include a gift in their will.” Dominique Abranson (Dip IDM), Legacy and In-Memory Manager, WaterAid and Chair, Institute of Fundraising Legacy and In Memory Special Interest Group

In this short video, Claire talks about five terrific takeaways from this groundbreaking guide.


Legacy fundraising is one of the most effective ways of raising large funds. With this definitive guide, learn techniques and strategies, as well as other important things to consider, including legalities, ethics, timing, using events and identifying those to target.

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