On the shoulders of giants

Richard Sved, co-author of the 3rd edition of Fundraising Strategy, reflects on the original edition by Redmond Mullin

Although the 3rd edition of Fundraising Strategy by Claire Routley and myself is a completely new book, it is indebted to the ideas of the pioneering fundraisers who have gone before.

One such pioneer who deserves a particular shout out is, Redmond Mullin, the original author of the book which was published 25 years ago by the Charities Aid Foundation. Before becoming a fundraiser, he was an academic and also a senior executive with advertising agency J Walter Thomson. Influenced by his Jesuit background he became a leading fundraiser of over 30 years standing and raised hundreds of millions of pounds for charities.

Redmond Mullin Pioneering fundraiser

As well as chair of consultancy Redmond Mullin Associates, he served as director of CAF and executive director of the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Most importantly though he was a founder in the early 1980s of what is now known as the Chartered Institute of Fundraising. He went on to become a stalwart of the organisation as vice-chair for many years, devisor of their first training programmes and originator of the Annual Fundraising Convention.

He is described on a plaque installed in memory to him in 2012 at the Chartered Institute of Fundraising London offices as a ‘giant of his profession’. Standing on the heads of giants couldn’t be a better way to describe this new edition of Fundraising Strategy which owes so much to past masters of fundraising just like Redmond Mullin.

About Richard Sved

Richard is Director of 3rd Sector Mission Control. He is an experienced senior manager having led the fundraising team at nine national charities including Girlguiding, Epilepsy Society and The National Literacy Trust. Richard specialises in income generation, strategic planning and charity governance.

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