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Take a leap into the world of charity podcasting

Thinking about starting a podcast? Here's what you need to do to get started.

Podcasts are all the rage nowadays. They now cover a whole range of topics spanning from Love Island gossip to climate change, and the charity sector hasn’t shied away from getting involved. 

Although it may feel like a slightly saturated market to jump into, it could be the perfect springboard for getting your charity’s voice heard. In fact, it’s estimated that over 21.2m people are listening to podcasts in the UK, meaning with the right content and messaging, this could be a new and exciting way for you to engage and expand your audience! 

As the host and co-creator of DSC’s Charity Questions podcast, I know how challenging the initial stages of setting up a podcast are. That’s why I’m here to guide you through the process. 

There’s a lot to think about. You have the added workload, organising of recording equipment, planning engaging content etc etc. However, truthfully, it’s easier than you think, and if you have the tools and the energy to make it happen, your beneficiaries will listen. 

Why start a podcast? 

  • Amplifying your message: A podcast allows your charity to tell its story in audio format. You may be posting blogs and videos, but we can reach a wider audience by sharing those same messages by podcast. It provides a platform to share stories, expertise, and insights, enabling you to connect with a larger audience. 
  • Engaging content: Podcasts offer a captivating format for storytelling. You can explore various themes, share success stories, discuss challenges, and delve into important issues related to your charity’s work. The conversational nature of podcasts allows for authentic discussions.
  • Collaboration and networking: Inviting guests to your podcast opens doors to collaboration and networking opportunities. You could feature experts, beneficiaries, volunteers, or anyone. Their experiences and perspectives can provide valuable insights to your audience and establish connections with individuals and organizations who share your passion. This could lead to potential partnerships and further amplification of your cause. 

How to get started…

  1. Define your concept: Ask yourself what topics, themes, or issues you’re most passionate about. Consider your target audience and what they may enjoy. You could even ask your prospective audience and see what they want you to share. 
  2. Plan and outline your episodes: Make a plan for season 1 with a list of prospective guests and episode themes. Look at key dates in the diary, such as Mental Health Week and consider if you want to release anything timely. We try to release one podcast a month, and we tend to record a month in advance of the release. 
  3. Get set up: For a simple approach, you can do what DSC does and record all your podcasts in a video call like Zoom. At a minimum, I recommend that you and your guests use a microphone, even if it is just a headphone microphone. 
  4. Edit and share your episodes: Edit your episodes to remove any background noise. Consider adding an introduction or outro that could be separately recorded. To select a hosting platform, search the internet and see what you like. Some providers like Podbean offer up to 5 hours of free storage. 

Podcasts offer a great opportunity to share your voice, connect with listeners, and contribute to meaningful conversations. So, plan some episodes, unleash your creativity, and let your stories find another medium through which your unique voice can resonate with the world. 

And don’t forget to listen to the DSC Charity Questions podcast! Click here to listen to our latest episode.