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Essential Time Management Skills - Online course

For staff at all levels, learn the fundamentals of time management to make you more productive, more effective and more successful.

One day online course

Online courses take place via Zoom and include a one hour lunch break as well as brief refreshment breaks.

Digital book (pdf) included: Speed Read: Time Management

“I love deadlines; I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by…” Sound familiar?

If you identify with Douglas Adams (of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fame), this course will help.

Being productive, using our time effectively and managing our workload is something that nearly all of us struggle with at some point or other. Whether dealing with new or different ways of working internally or with your partners, navigating different communication channels, dealing with crises, firefighting and stress, it can all feel overwhelming, leaving us feeling like we are losing control.

So we want to find ways to turn that Whoosh into a whisper where we can by understanding what needs to be achieved and by when. i.e. “on time”

Learn the fundamentals of making the most efficient use of your time to make yourself more effective and more successful. To help sustain yourself and support the people you are working with and for, this course seeks to provide practical, contextualised strategies and tips to help you be more organised and productive in your role.

Who should sign up?

Anyone who wants to improve how they can be more personally effective with their time and develop strategies to get on top of their workload.

What will I get out of it?

  • Recognise your own time management habits.
  • Be able to use tools/techniques to manage your time better.
  • Develop strategies to gain control of your own time.
  • Put together an action plan to build on what you learn on the course.

What will it cover?

  • Understanding reasons for poor time management
  • Tools/techniques to help analyse tasks and where time is spent
  • Tools/techniques to help plan, prioritise and manage tasks effectively
  • Understanding procrastination and how to overcome it
  • Identification of time stealers/wasters (interruptions, administration/filing, lack of assertiveness etc.) and solutions for how to manage them
  • Action plan for dealing with time management

What attendees said about this course:

“I signed up for the Time Management course as I do sometimes struggle with working out priorities, an ever-increasing to-do list and procrastination (!) and hoped to pick up some tips and ideas from others about managing my day better. A lot of my job feels like ‘fire fighting’ and reacting, so longer pieces of work, reading reports, filing etc do often take the back burner. Eileen was an excellent tutor, giving personal experience and that of previous course attendees, and we were all encouraged to participate, challenge and share.”
Hannah Worsely, Norwich Foodbank

Trainer: Eileen Browne

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Training schedule

One day online course 10.00 - 15.3012 Dec 2024

Booking options

Band A

Band A

Voluntary and community organisations with a turnover of up to £500,000.
Band B

Band B

Voluntary and community organisations with a turnover of over £500,000.
Band C

Band C

Statutory and commercial organisations.

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