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It's Murder in Management

If you have recently become a manager, or are in need of a skill refresh, this book is an absolute must to make you more effective and confident as a manager.

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One of the hardest challenges at work is when you become a manager for the first time. The changes involved initially can be overwhelming. Working to create an effective and happy team whilst maintaining managerial distance and being accountable to senior managers as well – that is not easy. There will be days when you feel like murdering your bosses, your team or your colleagues! Do not despair – It’s Murder in Management gives you the skills to ease the transition and to help make your first management role a rewarding experience.

Author Debra Allcock Tyler brings all of her trademark directness and humour to bear on the subject. Her message is that your managerial journey is ultimately yours to control and if you do it right it can be both fun and fulfilling. If you have recently become a manager, or are in need of a skill refresh, this book is an absolute must to make you more effective and confident as a manager.

Who should buy this book?

Anyone who has recently moved into a management role for the first time, or is about to. CEOs and senior managers who need a reminder of what it is like for their junior managers.

What does it cover?

  • Your first weeks in management
  • Your role as leader
  • Developing the talent
  • Building the team
  • Getting the job done
  • Time management
  • Understanding the money
  • Creating good relationships
  • Learning from others

‘Debra focuses on the nuts and bolts of becoming a manager in her usual no-nonsense way. She gets right to the heart of what you need to know, how you need to behave and what will help you nurture your team. There is no hand-wringing or tortured self-examination here but rock-solid positive advice with a sprinkling of humour.’

Catherine Johnstone CBE CEO, Royal Voluntary Service [from the foreword]


‘Reading this I became aware of the gentle sound of pennies dropping – and this after over 30 years in the leadership and management of people! Honest and candid, this book reassures leaders of all levels that is OK to fail; in fact it is probably compulsory!  A great ready reference: one to dip in and out of to dispel those niggling doubts.’

Alex Lochrane, CEO, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance


‘I really wish I’d had a copy of this book when I started out! It packs years of experience into a wise, entertaining and insightful guide. None of us are perfect and so Debra helps new managers navigate their new terrain with a surer footing.’

Jacqui Penalver, Transformation Director, Papworth Trust

About the author

Debra Allcock Tyler

Debra Allcock Tyler is CEO of the Directory of Social Change and has worked in management and consultancy for over 32 years. Author of several books on management and leadership, she has many years’ experience of training and coaching boards, chief executives and top teams. She is a popular public speaker and has appeared on Radio 4’s The Moral Maze. She has a regular monthly column in Third Sector magazine.

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