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Key Guides: Data Protection – for voluntary organisations

The fully revised and updated 4th edition for current data regulation and law for voluntary and civil society organisations.

Vital to the effective functioning of voluntary organisations is the trust of people – the beneficiaries, clients, donors, volunteers and paid staff. Open, fair and well-managed data protection practice is not just desirable but essential if you want to ensure trust in your charity. Get it wrong and you risk reputational damage as well as financial penalties.

Data Protection for voluntary organisations will enable you to set a shining example of best practice by complying with UK data protection legislation and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in force since 2018. This book will help you:

  • Understand the key principles and elements of data protection
  • Recognise your responsibilities as a data controller
  • Distinguish when you need consent from individuals to hold and use their data (and when you don’t)
  • Ensure that your organisation’s security measures are appropriate
  • Appreciate what the rights of data subjects are

This title has been peer-reviewed by Bates Wells LLP.

Who is this book for?

A must-read for anyone in the UK voluntary sector who wants to get beyond tick-box data management. Invaluable to data managers or those who handle personal information such as IT, personnel, marketing and fundraising departments. For professional advisers and academics it will also offers a valuable summary that draws out key data protection points by examining and interpreting the primary legislation.

‘Protecting personal data of vulnerable and disadvantaged people and ensuring their rights is the undeniable responsibility of every non-profit organisation that supports them. If you feel out of your depth and worried that your organisation doesn’t meet the mark, this book is the perfect place to start.


‘Written in clear language and set in a meaningful context, this is the best translation of the hundreds of pages of data protection legislation as it applies to charitable organisations. A prodigious achievement on one of the most important and challenging legal responsibilities for our sector.’
Sian Basker, Co-Chief Executive, Data Orchard


‘A detailed and methodical approach to data protection. This comprehensive guide is an accessible source of information filled with valid and relevant examples. I found it a particularly great help in getting to grips with specific areas, such as consent and contracts.’

Kirsty Cunningham, Head of Fundraising, St Martin-in-the-Fields Charity


‘There are not many people within the charity sector who are specialists in data protection. Paul uses simple, straightforward language to cover all key aspects of this complex but vitally important subject. Brilliantly practical!’

Peter Dean, Director of Finance, Riding for the Disabled Association


‘I have worked with Paul for many years now and I have always appreciated his ability to share his enthusiasm for this complex subject and how it applies to our sector. Written in a very understandable and user-friendly way, this book is truly accessible.’

Jeni Woods, Quality Manager, Grace Eyre Foundation


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About the author

Paul Ticher

Paul’s whole career has been in the voluntary sector, mostly as an independent consultant and trainer working with national and local organisations. After working for some years as a volunteer in Africa and then with the Campaign Against Arms Trade, his focus of interest became information management, including such areas as the use of information technology and the management of information services. This led to a considerable amount of work on the application of the Data Protection Act 1984 to voluntary organisations. He wrote the first edition of Data Protection for Voluntary Organisations in 2000 to coincide with the Data Protection Act 1998 coming into force. Since then, Paul has been a leading trainer and writer on data protection throughout the UK, and he has provided bespoke advice to many voluntary organisations, large and small. For many years he has been recognised as one of the sector’s go-to experts on data protection.

Paul’s books, currently published by the Directory of Social Change, include Minute Taking – 2nd edition (with Lee Comer) and Data Protection for Voluntary Organisations – 4th edtion. He also contributed the data protection appendix for The Complete Fundraising Handbook – 7th edition and published numerous articles and research reports into aspects of IT management in the voluntary sector.

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