Online training in 2020

To help you with the new challenges you’re facing right now, we've adapted and developed some of our most popular courses, as well as creating new courses, into a selection of half day and full day courses online, so you can keep training, developing and learning whilst working from home. They're all taking place in the coming weeks - take a look below.


Building a Successful Organisation – a selection of online dates through July and August

A collection of 6 half day courses in July and August, covering governance, marketing, strategy, fundraising, income diversification and leadership. The series of workshops act as a comprehensive guide to building, improving, or scaling a charitable, or other not for profit, organisations. This is pertinent in an era where change is continuous, and uncertainty abounds. Each workshop will give insight, practical guidance and examples to improve a particular area of the organisation.

You can book these half day courses by clicking the links below:




Moving into fundraising – Thursday 6 August

On this moving into fundraising course you will spend time learning how an effective fundraiser works. You will look at current fundraising opportunities and how a fundraiser can make sure that they are fundraising from areas that return the most investment. Better understanding of the current fundraising climate will help you make better decisions now. Saving money and time, whilst generating more funds along the way. Find out more.


Resilience – Thursday 6 August

Discover how to take a holistic approach to finding the inner-strength and will-power to face the many challenges of your life on a day-to-day basis. In the process, become better equipped to meet those challenges; to overcome obstacles; to make better choices; to learn and grow from your experiences; and ultimately, to be more optimistic about your future. Find out more.


Support and Supervision of Staff 1 – Friday 7 August

If you manage and support staff, you’ll know it can be stressful, hard work and often thankless. This course aims to take away some of the heartache by offering a ready-made template for managing well and managing effectively. Find out more.


Finance for Non-Finance Managers – Wednesday 12 August

Do your eyes glaze over at even the slightest mention of financial information?

It’s something which a lot of us can admit to, but understanding your organisations finances can vastly improve the way you work. Having an idea of how finance works will help managers to run successful projects or teams and will assist trustees in overseeing the work of your senior management team. Find out more.


Free DSC Zoom Talk – Racism: Not in our sector? – Wednesday 12 August

Campaigns such as #CharitySoWhite have challenged the sector to take a long hard look in the mirror for a while but only the ongoing worldwide anti-racism rallies have finally pushed the topic to the top of the agenda.

Join this Zoom Talk to learn about how racism manifests itself in the charity sector and how we, as organisations and as individuals, can contribute to making the sector better. Find out more.


Essential Presentation Skills – Thursday 13 August

Of all the things you have to do in your career, public speaking and giving presentations are likely to be among the most nerve-wracking. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are techniques you can learn to give successful presentations, no matter what the subject or audience. Sign up for this introductory course to learn a proven process for preparation and delivery, and for the chance to practise and get feedback. Find out more.


Communicating to Influence – Friday 14 August

What makes people tick? Answer that, and you’ll know how to influence them – a vital skill when it comes to getting what you need from staff and supporters. Find out more.


Minute Taking Skills – Friday 14 August

For those responsible for taking the minutes of their meetings, this course stresses the importance of the minute taker’s role and offers practical tips on how to make the task more manageable both in terms of preparing for the meeting in collaboration with the Chair as well as writing notes during the meeting and producing the minutes afterwards. Find out more.


Free DSC Zoom Talk: The Covid Crisis CEO: How to get it right – Wednesday 19 August

Leading a charity during a once in a lifetime global crisis is tough. Your organisation needs you more than ever at this time when, in private, you’re likely to be wrestling with the same lockdown frustrations and issues as everyone else during this pandemic. Find out more.


Innovation and maximizing opportunities – Thursday 20 August

Innovation is a process whereby existing systems, applications and methodologies are improved or applied within a new context or geography that generates substantial positive change. Creating processes, structures and a supportive culture allows innovation to thrive. This practical workshop explores the requirements that will allow any enterprise to harness and exploit innovation. Find out more.


Free DSC Zoom Talk: The do’s and don’ts of successful board – executive communication during the crisis – Monday 24 August

Covid 19 has pushed many charities to the brink of an existential crisis and made efficient board communication more important than ever. With high consequence decisions to be made at pace, trustees naturally need to be more involved in the organisation; many boards hold more frequent meetings and ad hoc crisis working groups have been formed. But how much involvement is too much? Find out more.

Introduction to impact measurement – Wednesday 26 August

The ability to measure and demonstrate the positive impact/improvements your project or organisation is contributing towards those you serve is essential. This course gives an introduction to the subject and how to get started. Find out more.


Free DSC Zoom Talk: The end of the office as we know it? – Wednesday 26 August

Are you tired of Zoom meetings, bored of being at home all day and just can’t wait to go back to the office? Or have you and your colleagues adapted so well to a new remote work setup that your organisation is considering giving up on a physical office space entirely in the future? Find out more.

September – More dates coming soon

Impact: Understanding and Quantifying Your Social Value – Monday 7 September

This interactive Zoom workshop is suitable for anyone who works in the charity, social enterprise or voluntary sector that needs to demonstrate the value and outcome of their work. It is particularly valuable for chief executives, trustees, project managers and operational members of staff. Find out more.


Support and Supervision of Staff 1 – Thursday 24 September

If you manage and support staff, you’ll know it can be stressful, hard work and often thankless. This course aims to take away some of the heartache by offering a ready-made template for managing well and managing effectively. Find out more.


We’ve got a variety of new dates being added, both online and in-person, for the rest of 2020 – take a look here.