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Imposter trying to steal your job? Gain some credibility!

Your reputation is dependent on you - it is you who can make the difference.

So, you’ve prepared for that meeting with your manager – time to show them what an asset you are. You know your new ideas will bring about great things for the team, the organisation and the beneficiaries. You get in there and just as you start your pitch … they interrupt, take the conversation somewhere else, completely overrun your thoughts. Doh! You leave their office with a list of ‘To Do’s , saying “yes that’s fine” (when it’s really not) and not having spoken up. You go back to the desk feeling wretched and frustrated.

Sound familiar? We’ve probably all had similar experience – we didn’t say what we wanted, or didn’t say it how we wanted, or didn’t say it to whom we needed to say it – or completely said the wrong thing, in the wrong way, at the wrong time to the wrong person. Remember the feeling afterwards of wanting to curl up into a ball and turn back time? Ouch!

The ridiculous part is when we say “It just wasn’t me”, “I wouldn’t usually do that”, “What came over me?” Well, here’s the blow – it was you. You mightn’t usually do it or want to do it but clearly, sometimes, you do. What came over you was your own self-created imposter – it’s a bit of you, but it’s not the best bit. Sometimes, we are the imposter we take to work – and the imposter goes to work on destroying our credibility with those we most want to influence or impress.

Imagine you could send your best self to work everyday. The ‘you’ who speaks up, articulates thoughts and ideas in way that gets others to listen, is assertive, confident and professional. Imagine yourself at that meeting and walking away knowing you said the right thing in the right way at the right time to the right person. Hurrah! You go back to the desk feeling motivated, appreciated and valued (a much better frame of mind to tackle the To Do list you will still probably have!!).

Being Confident at Work is not dependant on the job title or (for the most part) on others. And it is certainly not dependant on a wish or magic wand. It is dependent on you! How you behave – words and actions – and how that informs someone else’s perception of you. It’s also not an overnight thing – it requires making changes and practising new habits. The good news is that you don’t have to let that imposter steal your job and erode your credibility. As your reputation is dependent on you – it is you who can make the difference.

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