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Fundraising Friday - Part 2 of The Guide to Major Trusts: funders in focus

In the run-up to the new edition of The Guide to Major Trusts being published in September, we will be sharing some samples of the funders in the guide every #fundraisingfriday through August to give you an idea of what to expect. The guide contains 1,000 of the largest funders in the UK and provides deeper insight into the activities of the funders than our other publications.

The Randal Charitable Foundation


Health; mental health; social disadvantage; addiction; education


UK and overseas (lower- and middle-income countries)


£829,500 (2021)


Charity Commission no: 1176129

Correspondent: The Trustees, 5 Pavilion Way, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 5GW (tel: 01509 217705; email: [email protected]).

Trustees: Dr Nik Kotecha; Moni Kotecha; Yanyan Huang; Matthew Thompson; Christopher Hobson. 


General information

The foundation was established in 2017 and receives a large proportion of its income from Morningside Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

The foundation supports the following causes in the UK and overseas:

  • Health
  • Mental health
  • Poverty
  • Social disadvantage
  • Addiction
  • Education

The foundation currently provides grants to UK-based registered charities or organisations. It welcomes applications for smaller grants (over £3,000) as well as large-scale funding. The foundation funds one-off causes as well as multi-year projects. Occasionally, it may also provide general funding for charities/causes on a specific case by case basis.

Financial information:

Year end31/12/2021
Grants to organisations£829,500
No. of grants42


Further financial information

During the year, grants paid totalled £829,500 and an additional £60,000 of grants were approved but not paid. Grants paid to 19 UK-based projects totalled £354,700. The remaining grants were for work outside the UK.

Beneficiaries included: Mental Health Innovations (£50,000); Centre for Social Justice (£40,000); The Forward Trust (£31,500); Shama Women’s Centre (£16,000); Home From Hospital Care (£10,000); Hot Line Meals Service and Tiny Tim’s (£5,000 each).


The foundation’s website states that to begin the application process, applicants must first make an enquiry to the foundation (by email, post or via the online contact form) including details such as:

  • Name, contact details and registered charity or company number (if applicable)
  • An overview of the organisation’s objectives and focus
  • The organisation’s area of operation (this may be different to the registered address)
  • The specific cause/project the funding is for
  • Total funding required in UK pounds (£)
  • Please state if the enquiry is time sensitive

For full details of what to include, see the foundation’s website. If the trustees wish to progress an enquiry, the applicant will be asked to send additional information or complete an application form.

Sources of information

Accounts; annual report; Charity Commission record; funder’s website.

The Albert Hunt Trust


Health and well-being; hospices; homelessness




£4.57 million (2020/21)


Charity Commission no: 1180640

Correspondent: The Trustees, The Hermitage, 15A Shenfield Road, Brentwood, Essex CM15 8AG (tel: 0330113 7280; email: [email protected]).

Trustees: Stephen Harvey; Bridget McGuire; Ian Fleming; Kate McGuire.


General information

The Albert Hunt Trust was established in 1979 and supports charities throughout the UK. The trust re-registered as a CIO in November 2018.

Areas of work

The trust’s website states that it will support organisations that:

  • Provide hospice care
  • Provide support for the homeless
  • Promote health and well being – areas of support under this heading have included physical and learning disability, physical and mental health, plus social challenge and deprivation

Types of grant

According to its website the trust will make the following types of grants:

  • Single awards for capital projects(building/equipment/renovation)
  • Grants for core funding to include staff costs
  • Ongoing running costs for specific projects

Under the focus area of health and well-being, the trust looks to support organisations with an annual income of below £250,000. However, it will consider capital projects, such as equipment purchases or building works irrespective of income levels.

Financial information

Year end05/04/2021
Grants to organisations£4,570,000
No. of grants844


Beneficiaries included: Shelter (£50,000); Emmaus – Dover (£25,000); Church Army (£10,000); Barons Court Project (£5,000); Bread of Life Outreach (£1,000).


According to its website the trust does not fund:

  • Animal welfare
  • Arts/heritage
  • Conservation/the environment
  • Expeditions and overseas travel
  • Individual and sports sponsorship
  • Mainstream able-bodied sport (but it will consider disability sports projects)
  • Promotion of religion
  • Medical research


Applications can be made through the trust’s website. Applications are reviewed on a monthly rolling basis.

Sources of information

Accounts; annual report; Charity Commission record; funder’s website.


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