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Tips for recording professional videos from home

Need to record a professional video from home? Here are some top tips for recording professional looking content.

Get planning 

Before you press record, it’s important that you’re prepared. Write a script and get an idea of what you’re going to say first. However, remember, the script should be a prompt! Try not to read straight from it, it should be there to guide you.  


It is best to use a camera to film your footage, however, if you don’t have the resources, your phone camera will definitely do. Just make sure you use the back camera; it will give you a better result.  

If you don’t own a tripod, make one yourself! Use a stack of books to prop it up – it works like a trick.  


Lighting will make all the difference to your footage, so make sure it’s one of your priorities when setting up the camera and filming. Do test shoots before you start the final recording, so you can get an idea of what the lighting looks like on screen.  

If you are filming indoors, you have to be more intentional about the types of lights you use and where to place them. The clearer the video, the better, so make sure you have enough lighting 


Make sure your background is clean and tidy, any mess will distract your viewers. One easy trick for making it look extra professional is using a solid-coloured background, i.e., a wall or even a sheet behind you. But try to avoid casting any shadows onto the wall. 


Audio quality is key, it is even more important than your video quality. Make sure that you put your microphone as close to you as possible, to ensure capturing clear audio. Try to block out any background noises, and avoid spaces that create an echo.  

Camera presence 

A confident presence will help your video to look more professional. Things to remember: 

  • Make sure you look at the camera   
  • Sit up straight 
  • Keep your hand movements at a minimum 
  • Smile! 
  • Slow down slightly when you talk  
  • Enunciate your words 


Practice makes perfect! Practice in front of the camera and watch the footage of yourself to identify where you need to improve.  

Gabriella Poznansky is our Digital Content and Communications Officer here at DSC, she will be co-hosting a workshop on digital content in our upcoming conference: The Ultimate Guide to Marketing you Charity. Click here to find out more and register.