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Making the Ask

If you're a fundraiser or social entrepreneur keen to secure large gift for any kind of social cause you need to be able to ask the right people for the right money in the right way. But how do you do that?

In this ground-breaking book, global experts Bernard Ross and Clare Segal share their approach – used by major fundraising organisations from UNHCR in the Middle East to MSF in the US and from UK’s Oxford University to MEF Museum in Argentina – which has been used to secure gifts up to $110m in a single ask.

The book also has a special social bonus – every copy you buy will result in a donation to the WHO foundation to pay for a Covid 19 vaccine in a developing nation. ‘One reasonably useful book= one life saving vaccine.’

Who is this book for?

Whether you’re an experienced fundraiser looking for new ideas, a newbie keen to get to the right approach fast, or a board member anxious to help out, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for inside.


‘Bernard and Clare just “get” fundraising. Their advice is based on research, evidence and practice, and explained in an accessible format. Every fundraiser, regardless of sector and experience, should read this book and keep it in their fundraising toolbox.’

Susan Fisher, former Director of Development at the Science Museum London, now Director of Development at English Heritage


‘To get money to achieve your mission, you need to ask people for donations. Ross and Segal’s super new book, Making the Ask, combines years of proven experience with decision science to give you practical and applicable tools to make the ask. It engagingly breaks down how to prepare your propositions passionately and persuasively for success. Read it. Practise the tools, and you will make the ask better and raise more money.’

Marina Jones, Head of Membership and Fundraising Appeals, Royal Opera House


‘A powerful, practical and enlightening book that is packed with fundraising nuggets! It will leave you fired up and raring to go. Definitely the best fundraising book I have read in years.’

Naholi Mike Muchilwa, Author and Founder of the Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals


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About the Authors

Bernard Ross and Claire Segal are co-founders of The Management Centre and authors of Breakthrough for non-profit organisations which won the Terry McAdam Award for Best Non Profit Book in the USA 2004 and also The Influential Fundraiser.

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