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HR for Non-HR Specialists: why you shouldn't miss it

Stephenie Linham, DSC Associate, tell us what's not to be missed in her upcoming training course - HR for Non-HR Specialists.

From employment law and staff contracts to advertising jobs and interviewing, human resources can be a minefield to negotiate.

HR for Non-HR Specialists is designed for staff in smaller charities with responsibility for HR (usually alongside other responsibilities) without any or limited previous training.

Many small charities hang on to poor performers and/or do not know how to correct unacceptable behaviours and actions due to the worry of potential consequences to the organisation.

The course will increase your confidence by teaching you the following:

  • Who gets a contract, when and what it must contain with suggestions on additional conditions
  • Good practise in recruitment and selection
  • What rights both employees and employers have
  • Why you should both support and supervise your staff and the benefits
  • How to effectively performance manage staff
  • How to conduct a grievance and disciplinary
  • What constitutes fair and unfair dismissal
  • Where to get help
  • How to keep your knowledge up to date cost effectively

With their dedicated HR departments, bigger charities are lucky. But what happens if, like many smaller organisations, staff who aren’t specialists have to handle HR? This course will help you explore the basics – including contracts, equality issues and disciplinary procedures – so you can feel confident handling HR issues in your organisation.

Want to find out more? Join HR for Non-HR Specialists on 13 February.