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Speed Read: Delegation

If you've ever wondered how to get the best out of your team and how to avoid drowning under your own workload, this book will be a refreshing read.

Part of the Directory of Social Change’s renowned ‘Speed Read’ library, you’ll learn what you need to do yourself, and what can delegated to others with more skill and capacity.

It’s a clear and simple book you’ll wish you’d read next time you find yourself working at midnight.

Who should buy this book?

A vital and quick read for those new to management, or those who find it difficult to delegate work and suffer as a result.

What does it cover?

Get the essentials in one quick and comprehensive guide.

  • What is delegation and what is passing the buck?
  • How to delegate well, passing on responsibility while valuing your staff.
  • How to coach alongside delegation, so everyone benefits.
  • Feedback and evaluation: how it helps develop your colleagues.

Look inside

Have a look inside Speed Read: Delegation.

About the author

Brian Rothwell

Brian was a freelance trainer and management consultant for nearly 20 years. He was Commercial Director of E W Payne and also worked for the Industrial Society. He  had a BSc in economics from the London School of Economics and wrote several publications including Delegation and Team Building in Directory of Social Change’s Speed Read Series.

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