The Fundraising Series

The economy, political landscape and the ways people exchange information and communicate with each other all impact on the way in which charities ask for, and raise money. That is what makes fundraising such a challenging and dynamic profession.

Fundraising Series

These titles are written and used by academics and practitioners alike. Each title explores a fundraising activity within its historical, ethical and theoretical context and relates to current fundraising practice.

Capital Campaigns

This down-to-earth guide will help you raise funds for capital works: buildings, repairs, land acquisitions. They don’t sound very inspiring, but capital projects are often future-proof profitable assets that benefit you in the longer-term.

Corporate Fundraising and Partnerships

New editions in the series are now being produced in association with Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy at Plymouth University and the Institute of Fundraising. With charity–corporate partnerships now more high profile than ever, the number of charity and corporate players working fruitfully together is on the increase.

Legacy and In-memory Fundraising

In association with the Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy at Plymouth University and the Institute of Fundraising. This leading guide brings together the biggest thinkers and most experienced fundraisers from the charity sector worldwide to offer you sound practical advice to getting your bequests right.

Major Donor Fundraising

Many charities take their biggest benefactors for granted, but that’s risky strategy you can’t afford to rely on. This easy-to-read guide should turn your approach to your most valued givers on its head.

Marketing Strategy: For Effective Fundraising

To earn the donations and sponsorship that keep your organisation going, you need to think about the face your organisation presents to the world. That means revisiting the brand you have developed, the marketing messages you put out, your charity’s media presence and the public actions you take.

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