Key Guides

This series of key guides are designed for people involved with not-for-profit organisations of any size, no matter how you define your organisation: voluntary, community, non-governmental or social enterprise.

All the titles offer practical, comprehensive, yet accessible advice to enable readers to get the most out of their roles and responsibilities.

The Charity Treasurer’s Handbook

Steering a charity’s finances can be one of the most challenging roles you’ll face in the sector. This slim guide offers you an overview of the main issues, and informs you about the most up-to-date legislation you need to know to keep a strong grip on your charity’s finances.

Charitable Incorporated Organisations

This guide illustrates the benefits of the CIO and guides you through setting one up or converting your existing charitable structure. It offers a full range of practical information and will help you decide your organisation’s next move.

The Charity Trustee’s Handbook

This guide is ideal for anyone thinking of becoming a charity trustee, or who is new to the role. You’ll learn about your basic responsibilities, how to be more effective and how to bring your own skills to the trustee board to improve the charity’s impact.

Minute Taking

This easy-to-read guide offers tried-and-tested techniques, as well as new creative ideas for recording decisions and summarising meetings.

Data Protection

Vital to the effective functioning of voluntary organisations is the trust of people – the beneficiaries, clients, donors, volunteers and paid staff. Open, fair and well-managed data protection practice is not just desirable but essential if you want to ensure trust in your charity. Get it wrong and you risk reputational damage as well as financial penalties.

The Board Secretary’s Handbook

The role of board secretary in the voluntary sector is often one which is additional to other responsibilities – you may have inherited it as part of your current responsibilities or subsequently had it tacked on to your main role. Yet, with the rapid growth in regulatory and governance expectations, it is an increasingly important function and integral to the good governance of charities. This handbook will ensure that you avoid any potential legal and practical pitfalls.

Effective School Governance

The entire education system relies on people like you who volunteer many hours for the benefit of our schools and children. The weight of this responsibility and the volume of information already available on school regulation, however, can be overwhelming.

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