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Speed Read: Report Writing

How can you learn to write excellent reports, and also enjoy the process?

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Part of DSC’s Speed Read library, this book will help you plan, structure, draft and then re-draft reports that inform and impress.

That blank computer screen need no longer be as scary. With the techniques you’ll learn here, you’ll feel those reports writing themselves.

Who should buy this book?

Everyone working in the voluntary sector has to write reports of one kind or another. This quick read will help you get started.

What does it cover?

Get the essentials in one quick and comprehensive guide.

  • How to pin down the key elements your report must contain.
  • Thinking about your audience: what do they need to know?
  • Structuring your report, so it’s useful as well as informative.
  • Different styles of reports for different purposes.

Look inside

Have a look inside Speed Read: Report Writing.

About the author

Janet Owens

Janet, now retired, was founder and owner of Barwen Training Consultants a company started in 1996. Janet has a postgraduate Master of Education degree from Liverpool University in Organisational Philosophy and Personal Development.  Janet  specialised in management training and was author of DSC’s Speed Read on Report Writing. Janet was an associate of The Institute of Management Consultancy.

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