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From the Top Down

How can you effectively strategise for and support the engagement of volunteers across your organisation?

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This UK edition of the original bestselling US classic text tells you how.

It is the only book that addresses the top decision-makers role in developing a strategy and resources for high-quality volunteer engagement.

Who should buy this book?

Whether your organisation is starting out with a new volunteer initiative or has many years of experience of managing volunteers this book is for you. Ideal for senior management, trustees and volunteer managers.

What does it cover?

It explains fundamental subjects that must be considered at the top executive level, including developing a vision for volunteer involvement, creating policies and setting expectations, budgeting and finding funds to support volunteers, hiring the best staff leader, assessing the impact of volunteer contributions, and dealing with legal, risk management, and insurance issues.

Includes up-to-date material on the importance of volunteer programme infrastructure, such as:

  • How creating volunteer-friendly workplace results in more satisfied employees
  • The critical connection between money donors and “time donors”
  • Strengthening your volunteer workforce with new and evolving types of volunteers, from professionals offering pro bono services to inter-generational families to voluntourists
  • Finding the most qualified director of volunteer involvement
  • Distinguishing between the wage replacement cost of volunteer time and its true value
  • Integrating volunteers throughout an organization and at every level of management
  • Issues raised by electronic communication, social networking, and virtual volunteering
  • How to get risk managers, insurance agents, and accountants to give more knowledgeable answers to volunteer-related questions
  • There is also an appendix explaining resource and support organizations, key online services, and essential publications serving the field of volunteerism.

‘Too often volunteer management and leadership is delegated to the most junior people in an organisation. This book highlights the important role those at the very top also need to play and gives practical advice on how to mobilise those senior leaders in support of volunteering.  Like Rob and Susan themselves it’s straight talking, pragmatic, informed and entertaining. If you have volunteers in your organisation you should read this book.’

Dr Helen Timbrell, former Volunteering and Community Involvement Director, The National Trust


‘Having been involved with volunteering for over 30 years, I found Rob and Susan’s book shares some simple yet very astute insights that all CEOs and executives will want to read. Putting these insights into practice will lead to volunteering with impact.’

Heather Baumohl, former Chair, Association of Volunteer Managers (AVM), England


‘I have always considered that the positive nature of volunteering being seen as “grassroots” and “bottom up” can also have a negative side in that those “at the top” of organisations feel they don’t need to give it much focus. Of course this would be a misleading assumption. Successful volunteer involvement puts volunteers at the heart of the organisation with CEOs and senior managers having a vision and taking a strategic interest in the wellbeing of volunteers and how best to maximise their impact. It is therefore great to see From the Top Down: the Executive Role in Successful Volunteer Involvement being updated with a new UK edition. This is a volunteer management resource I am happy to recommend – but don’t keep it on your bookshelf, keep it on your desk!’

Wendy Osborne OBE, former Chief Executive, Volunteer Now, NI


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