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You can see a full list of all our digital titles at the bottom of this page, but here are some of our most in demand fundraising and volunteering titles at the moment…


The Complete Fundraising Handbook 

Nina Botting Herbst with Lianne Howard-Dace 

 If you are a fundraiser or someone who needs to raise money for your organisation or scheme, you cannot be without this book.  

‘As a small charity, very reliant on grants and donations, The Complete Fundraising Handbook has been a fantastic reference point. When reappraising our fundraising strategy, it has encouraged us to look at smarter ways to fundraise and also to look at different sources for income generation.’ 

Hannah Worsley, Project Manager, Norwich Foodbank 


Corporate Fundraising and Partnerships 

Valerie Morton 

This book offers all the advice you need to help your charity create successful and long-lasting partnerships with corporates.  

Stuffed full of straight-up, helpful advice, useful tips and insights from case studies. Both new and experienced practitioners can take advantage of the hard-earned knowledge these seasoned practitioners share and increase their success in developing open and mutually valuable charity–corporate relationships.’ 

Manny Amadi, MVO CEO, C&E Advisory and Editor, C&E Corporate-NGO Partnerships Barometer


Writing Better Fundraising Applications 

Mike Eastwood and Michael Norton 

This book is considered the standard text on writing fundraising applications. It will show you what funders are really looking for and how to give them what they want.  

“The best book I’ve read on fundraising applications. Indispensable.” 

Rebecca Bentham, Fundraiser, Liverpool Cathedral 



The Complete Volunteer Management Handbook 

Rob Jackson, Mike Locke et al 

Engaging people, giving them a great experience and balancing the needs of your organisation is an essential skill. These are the key strategic issues covered in this comprehensive guide for recruiting, selecting, involving and rewarding volunteers effectively. 

Ensure you get it right by gaining from the knowledge and experience gathered in this single volume by four of the most experienced experts on volunteering. 

‘This book provides extensive guidance on effective volunteer management, matching people to the right roles and creating an effective volunteering strategy. It is a valuable resource for everyone who works in this hugely significant aspect of our lives.’  

Baroness Grey-Thompson, DBE, DL 


From the Top Down 

Susan J Ellis and Rob Jackson 

Whether your organisation is starting out with a new volunteer initiative or has many years of experience of managing volunteers this book is for you. Ideal for senior management, trustees and volunteer managers.  

It explains fundamental subjects that must be considered at the top executive level, including developing a vision for volunteer involvement, creating policies and setting expectations, budgeting and finding funds to support volunteers, hiring the best staff leader, assessing the impact of volunteer contributions, and dealing with legal, risk management, and insurance issues. 

‘Having been involved with volunteering for over 30 years, I found Rob and Susan’s book shares some simple yet very astute insights that all CEOs and executives will want to read. Putting these insights into practice will lead to volunteering with impact.’ 

Heather Baumohl, Chair,  Association of Volunteer Managers (AVM), England 


Keeping Volunteers 

Steve McCurley and Rick Lynch 

Recruiting volunteers can be time-consuming and costly, so it’s much better to invest in those you already have. You need to make them feel at home, wanted and valued. 

This guide shows you how to nurture your best volunteers, and looks at reasons why they might become dissatisfied and disappear – and how to address those problems so you don’t lose volunteers. 

‘An indispensable guide, grounded in research, on what makes volunteers tick and how to keep yours super-motivated’  

Fraser Dyer, Work Consultant, My Working Life 


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